Ambe Docters Van Leeuwen - Flavours: Music For Cello

  • Ambe Docters Van Leeuwen - Flavours: Music For Cello

For her debut recording for Brilliant Classics, young Dutch cellist Amber Docters van Leeuwen has chosen a wildly varying programme: starting off in the classical yet highly personal and original style of the late Beethoven cello sonatas, she moves to that other classic for the cello, the Debussy sonata. Then she enters the unsettling world of Alfred Schnittke, whose eclectic and highly dramatic first cello sonata was written in 1978. She ends her journey with “Flavours” by Eef van Breen, written for Amber, an “out

Label Brilliant Classics
Artiest(en) Ambe Docters Van Leeuwen
Taisiya Pushkar
Uitvoering Cd (album), 1 disk
Releasedatum 07 januari 2013
EAN 5029365941624

Artikelnummer: 5029365941624

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